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Alan Kerner’s passion and life commitment are to spread the benefits of traditional healing. 

After forty years of living a conventional life and running his own business, Alan started to follow his calling to become an initiated Mara’akame (Traditional Huichol Healer), making a commitment to practicing traditional healing modalities and servicing the community. Alan is a firekeeper with the Sacred Fire Organization, where he volunteers his time to nurture and bring the healing presence of Fire to the local community. Alan brings his many years of leadership to serve as a Board Member of Sacred Fire and is also an elder within the Kawitero Council. He holds a degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather, and lives in Santa Monica. Alan enjoys walking on the beach and connecting with nature.

My transformation Story 

Halfway through my life, I found myself heartbroken after two failed marriages, struggling to run a business, and trying to be a good provider to my children. Even after starting a new chapter with my wife, Amanda, I was hungry for a deeper purpose. I started my spiritual journey with meditation, where I began to learn about selfless service and self-inquiry. A few years later, during my training as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, I began to discover my passion and capacity for helping others. I continued on this path and was inspired to apply as an apprentice of Don Eliot Cowan under the guidance of a Huichol Mara’ akame, Don Lupe Gonzales. And so began my long and arduous journey of spiritual growth and deep transformation. Through the guidance of Grandfather Fire (Tatewari) and all my teachers, I continue to learn to be a conduit of the healing energy of the Gods.

16 years as a Traditional Healer-Mara'akame

Transformational Experiences

It has been such a blessing to work with Alan and receive healings in the Huichol tradition. I only wish I had met him a long time ago! Alan is patient, gentle, wise, and humble. This work is clearly his passion and joy. As a psychologist, I am aware of the transformation that can come from deep healing work, but Alan’s treatments seem to cut much deeper than I have ever seen or experienced. My first session with him was incredible; he was very quickly able to intuit aspects of my life and see areas of blockage energetically and psychologically. The healing work that he has done for me has been tangible and life changing. It has helped me move through and heal old pains and become a more effective healer myself. I am forever grateful!

Lauren Dill, PhD.

Having received Alan’s very powerful mode of healing over a period of a few sessions
I’m experiencing gradual yet tremendous improvement. As I write this, I’m reminded of how long I’ve come! I will continue to let his treatment take its course. I feel very fortunate to have met this healer. His friendship and counsel mean the world to me.

Dinesh Perera


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